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[TwilightMS] Updates

Post by sykeitzstan on Wed Jun 09, 2010 5:19 pm

I'm sure some of you are wondering how and what am I doing in developing.

So here are a list of updates:

1. Gambling NPCs - All are completed. - Shawn\Stanley
2. Starting Map is fixed to our custom likings. - Stanley
3. Starting NPC, only finished the first, will work on the others very soon. - Shawn
4. Made PvP compatible with Cygnus Knights. - Stanley
5. Finished with bounty system, (still want suggestions on the rewards). - Stanley
6. When bounty dies, he will be sent to jail function. - Stanley
7. Wish Ticket NPC Finished. - Shawn\Stanley
8. NX, Maple Items exchanger Finished. - Shawn\Miki
9. Updated Information NPC - Miki
10. Implemented New Mounts/items/chairs. - Stanley
11. Added timer between kills - (currently 5 minutes). - Stanley
12. More ranks for Light and Darkness! - Stanley (Total of 21 ranks)
13. Added Pirate Boss PQ. - Shawn

To Do -
Job advance for Light and Darkness.
Make force map return on PBPQ
Force exit for non party members in PBPQ
Complete Starter NPCs/Maps
Medals for Light and Darkness
Apply NPCs on our Maps.
Edit Map.wz

Banner/Logo Wallpaper/World Select Logo - MrReaper
Login Screen Wallpaper - Remix

Thats our most recent list. We will update this page daily!

Suggestions are welcomed. Please post suggestions on the "Commit Suggestions" forum. Thank you.


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