[TwilightMS] Beta Opening!

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[TwilightMS] Beta Opening!

Post by sykeitzstan on Sun Jun 06, 2010 11:12 pm

Our development is closing in on our Beta Release! The only problem is our slots for Beta Testers aren't full. Please if you have any friends that would like to join as a Beta Tester, ask them to!

Beta will be released approximately 1-3 days from now depending on our NPC coders. (I'm almost done with the source). Sorry for the delay! This is caused by the "misunderstand" our team had with our members. Please understand our situation. To make up for this we will provide our Beta Testers somewhat powered items.

Features for our Beta Testers:

-Wish Ticket System [Yellow, Green, and Blue Wish Tickets.] - Works like Gachapon except that depending on what ticket you use, the higher the rate of getting a rare item you will have.

- Maple Leaf System - [NX, Maple Items, Misc.] - Dropped by every monster in the Twilight World, can be traded for NX or Maple Items.

- Light and Dark [Twilight] System - Long Story Short, they're at war, fight!

- Custom Starter Map - The map will be set to fit our features. You will get to choose your side.

- Custom Starting Quests - Makes it easier for you to reach level 10 (as if its not easy enough?) - better starting items.

- Bounty System [Improved] - Bounty System now has a limit of how many times you can kill one player. For those who do not know what Bounty System is, I will open a guide in this forum with all our features and full explanations on it.

- Casino! - Although it is still not finished, our trusted NPC coders are working as fast as they can to finish up.

- More features when you go in game! Join now!

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Re: [TwilightMS] Beta Opening!

Post by Andy on Tue Jun 08, 2010 8:01 pm

Yayyyyyyyyy finally Very Happy

(100th post Very Happy I win you little spammers D:)

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