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TwilightMS Rules (In-Game) + Forums

Post by Andy on Wed Jun 02, 2010 4:38 pm

Here are the forum rules. Please follow them.. or else
Always show respect to each other. If somebody does not know what they are doing, please show them the correct way of doing it instead of flaming at them.
Please do not type random words in your posts such as "lol" or "okay". Make sure that all posts has a value.
Do not double post. Please edit your thread if you would like to add more in.
Do not post any adult content (+18) or anything inappropriate. Explicit images are not allowed.
Please stay on-topic. If you would like to discuss about something else, please create a new thread.
Please use the search button before posting a new thread.
Do not insult each other.
Do not spam. Excessive spam will be punished.
Advertising another private server will get you banned from the forums immediately.
Do not advertise any referral links.
Do not post programs or materials that give unfair advantages. These include bots, trainers, and hacks.
No racism.
And most importantly...

These are the server rules. Follow them or face your punishment.
No racism / harassment. Jail. Constantly doing this will lead to a Ban.
No hacking / WZ edits / Packet edits. Ban
KSing / Looting is fine. However, stalk (following the person) KSing / Looting is harassment and will lead to a Jail. Constantly doing this will lead to a Ban.
Scamming is not allowed. If you are caught, your account will be banned and don't think we can't track your other accounts. Although it's not allowed, please be aware of the risks before doing any transactions with other players ESPECIALLY drop trading. We are not responsible for your items. Ban
GameMaster (GM) Impersonation. Ban
Some glitches are fine, but if a glitch gives a huge advantage over other players, then it's a Ban.
Advertising (Linking the website) / Recruiting other private servers. No advertising for your personal gain. Ban
Harassing / Insulting GM. Jail or Ban based on GM's decision.
Smega spam (ESPECIALLY blocking) Jail. Constantly doing this will lead to a Ban.
Server Hating. If you don't like this server, then leave. Otherwise, keep it to yourself. Jail / Ban
Spamming in events may lead to Jail.
Multiple false reports may lead to Jail.
You are not allowed to buy / sell / trade any sort of accounts on this server. Jail / Ban
Rules are subject to change at any time. It is your responsibility to look over the rules from time to time.
And lastly,

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